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Many times customers don't know how a cost is determined in a tree pruning service. Tree service companies have a variety of criteria used to determine a price to prune your tree. To help you understand the importance of tree trimming and how a cost is determined, here is a summary of the items that should be looked at by the estimator. We hope the information below will help you get the answers you need when talking to a tree service company and also allow you to make a more informed decision of who you want to perform your tree trimming (pruning) service.


Trimming or pruning keeps trees strong, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.  It increases the longevity of the tree and helps to keep them disease free.  The weather in Denver can produce strong winds and snow storms while the trees are in leaf. Trimming trees properly lessens the chances of dead or broken branches falling and causing property damage.  Healthy trees also add value to your home and property.  Maintaining your trees promotes new growth of leaves, flowers and fruit.  It helps to keep your trees shaped properly and prevents uneven spreading of branches.

Like people, trees have different stages in their life. Pruning younger trees can improve the strength and stucture of the main stem. Medium sized trees are pruned to thin the canopy and remove dead and diseased limbs. Mature trees in Colroado are pruned primarly to remove dead limbs to ensure their safety.

Tree trimming may seem expensive, however, its often less expensive than the damage your trees could cause to your home, power lines, and property appearance.  Keep in mind, the initial process may seem overwhelming, but trees that are trimmed on a regular basis will be less expensive to maintain.  Use the services of a professional, licensed and insured tree company, the results are worth the investment.


Tree trimming costs vary based on many different criteria.  It can cost as little as a minimum charge to well over $2000, or more, depending on how many trees you need trimmed, and what criteria fits your situation.  Be sure to ask the company you choose about their “volume discounts”.  Most companies will offer a volume discount when you have several trees to do at one time. 

When an arborist gives you an estimate on your tree trimming, he has to take into consideration a lot of different things, such as:

How much Time will be spent to get the job done – The more time and manpower required for the trim job, the higher the cost.  Whether the arborist can use a bucket truck to reach high places, or if they have to climb the tree will decrease or increase the amount of time required to complete the job.

The Size and Species of the Tree – A smaller tree will obviously take less time and be easier to trim than a larger, taller tree with a full crown or canopy.  Some species of trees have a thicker crown, which means more foliage to prune. Examples of these types of trees would be ash, maple, elm, cottonwood or willow.  Other species of trees do better in Colorado with less live material removed. Examples of these types of trees are aspens, birch, pines and spruces.

The Location and Access of the Tree – if a large tree is in the front yard vs. the backyard, the arborist can usually use their bucket truck to trim the tree, instead of having to climb it, which takes much more time and manpower.  Also, the physical location and surroundings have to be considered.  The proximity of the house, garage, or existing landscape to the tree is taken into consideration when pricing the tree.  Are there a lot of hills or stairs to climb for the grounds crew as they remove the debris.  Is it a long distance to the front where the equipment is or is there an alley way?  These are things to consider.

How Technical the Job Is – What would make a job technical? Any tree that has multiple obstacles would be considered a technical job. As described above, these obstacles can be a house, garage, power lines or existing landscape. Terchnical jobs often require an arborist with more experience to ensure that your property will be protected. An experienced arborist can use ropes and other rigging devices to work safely.   Trees that may have grown in an odd way or in a small space can be more difficult to access and trim.  Technical jobs tend to require more manpower because of the sensitivity of the job.

The Type of Trim Needed –The type of pruning required to bring your tree back to health or maintained will also be considered.  There are several types of pruning, which are explained below.  Trees that have been maintained and pruned on a regular basis, will cost less than trees that have never been pruned. For example, safety prunes are focused on removing larger dead limbs only, and cost less than a complete prune where the tree is thinned and deadwooded.  There is a lot to consider and it is good to go over this with the arborist to see what is needed to maintain healthy, safe and aesthetically pleasing trees.



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